Ho-oh news discussion



One thing, he is huge when you try to catch him, I was successful tonight where a lot of others were not, I kept hearing a lot of “I am not sure how to throw at it since it takes up most of the screen”


Whats the Boss CP and how many more than Entei would be required to take it down?
I know Entei can be done with the Families 4 accounts (L31, L33, L34 and L40) and have 30-45sec spare?


Never mind Ive found the info from my local Discord Raid Notifications coming through now
Entei is 38628 CP and Ho-oh is 48276 CP. This is a monster so it looks like my current 4 wont cut it. Hopefully 6 will be enough as I have one regular that I Raid with.


Max should be about 5-8 level 35 and up I am guessing after tonight, in the battle I took place in there was one level 40, 2 38 (I am one of them) and I know the lowest was my daughter who is level 30. We took it down really fast with over 200 seconds left.


It will take more if it knows solar beam.


Niantic have tweeted saying Ho-Oh has been released. What do you think about this?

Ho-Oh will be here until 12th December. We might well see a full hoenn release after this


I am not sure what levels they were but ProPlanty took down a SB Ho-Oh with 9 and they had 50 seconds left. It was one shotting a lot of them . He didn’t use great counters though.


ProPlanty,I have no time for this clown when I watched a vid in my early playing days and he was shaving people out of gyms so they could put something in just to get the silhouette in his Dex. He’s local to me also and lucky for him he wasn’t in my immediate playing area as I would be tearing up every Gym he was in for that dog act. This was under the old Gym System.
I gave up on all Pokemon vids after that one.


I was merely looking for Ho-Oh raid footage,I saw one Suicune and this one. Never watched any others of his. I was looking for an idea of how many it takes to defeat. His Pokémon were not real good but neither are most of the people in my town so it served it’s purpose.




Ho-Oh is now released. Now i know i wont get it since i have disability so i cant play as long as i want…


I know it’s old, but I like the screen…


Is there any rumors on a possible shiny Ho-Oh ?!?


Shiny6 On Twitter, he makes all of these pieces.


I actually got Ho-Oh, but on fake gps on my sec account. Still happy tho


you spoof only on your second account?


Yea. My main ac is absolute cheat-free.


Joined some Radoms today to do a couple of Scrub Turkey’s in two Gyms side by side.
Co-ordination of first one went smooth but the second one was a complete stuff up with a couple of late comers.
Everyone waited for them and when they arrived they start chatting about the one we’d just done.
Next minute they’re battling away. I like a few others thought they were doing the one already done as that’s what they were talking about but no they were doing the one we were waiting for them and others jumped in. Lucky we had enough still there to do the second one.
Thankfully I’ve got my regular crew half the day tomorrow. We will let randoms join if they are there ready to go but won’t be waiting for anyone.

Got 2/2 but IV’s are nothing special. Hoping to improve on that tomorrow.


Ok, I thought you were being kinda harsh on the dude so watched a few more and you are right on the money. What person uses Exeguttor vs. HO-OH? I kept waiting for him to switch it and he didn’t. I don’t know how he gets any views. I certainly would not watch him again.


I had that moment of excitement at one of yesterday’s 5 Oh-ho Raids when the 2222CP was revealed on my catch screen. With only 8 balls I took my time on every single throw. Nanab Curve Exellent on first and it breaks out. The rest were all Gold Razz Curve Throws 2 Excellent, 5 Great and than it was gone followed by much disappointment. This is going to burn for quite a while.