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I’m closing in on 100 Purified.
Weedle line just introduced is one of the cheap 1K Purified too.


I’m ready for Team GO Rocket leaders! :boxing_glove:


2/3 way… still haven’t seen Lapras :wink:


Reached 40% milestone In the early hours of Sunday morning. Added another 18 since and still have not found a Lapras one yet either.


I got shadow Lapras from 101st battle.


Hope your appreciating how lucky you’ve been to find that one.
I can’t even find a Snorlax one now either.


I’m at 397 now, did 2 shadow Lapras


Still no Lapras


I went so low on potions that I invented new way of doing Rockets battles.
The problem was I had only a few Max Revieves and potions left - and many, many normal Revives.
So I ended up using only normal Revives and fighting rockets with pokemons having halve health.
This way I finally stopped using potions and max revives :slight_smile:
Sometimes i was starting the first battle knowing that all my pokes will faint - as they were close to zero after previous battles :wink:


Powering through it. Nice work.
The Rocket battles certainly are taxing on the Potions.
Between the Rocket Stops, the many Gym Battles , some Raiding and reviving/healing the ones that come back from Gym stays I’ve wiped off 100 Maxi Revives, and 180 Maxi and Hyper Potions in the last 2 weeks.
I’ve still got heaps as I was carrying an excessive amount but at this rate of usage it will become a problem in a couple of weeks.


Getting closer :slight_smile:
Number 888 was another Sierra - I got used to Leaders already and they are not much harder than normal battles.
And I have already 15 Shadow Zubats for next month :wink:
With special event coming this Sunday… maybe I get 1000 then?..


I got a long way to go…


Past half way and still no Lapras encounter.


wet but happy :slight_smile:
found Lapras twice in last 200


Top effort @BestBeast to get that Gold Medal.
That’s not a quick/easy one to complete.
Will you continue to go just as hard at Rocket Stop battles or scale it right back now it’s Gold?


Like I mentioned earlier - I really like this part of the game. It is simple, yet could be tricky, with a twist for leaders. Battles are faster than those at gyms/raids yet somehow give more satisfaction when completed. I got 7 hundos from rockets so far (and several more 90+) - and while I got more from wild encounters - those ones acts like lucky pokemons in training.
And beside - this is already my routine - when doing daily poke-walk I do not walk just standard route as in the begining - now I go there where I can see rocket stop :slight_smile:


And on top of above we have those two:

So there is still much to be done over next two years :wink:


Wasn’t aware of the Rocket Boss Medal.
Haven’t been bothering with my Radar and the 3 Bosses until I get to that stage maybe I should to make a start on it.


Wow. I just got to the find and beat Giovanni stage. I only care about beating him once though. Not 20


20 times - means 20 months… that’s why I said “next two years”…
And if every month he will have different Shadow Legendary pokemon… why not? :slight_smile: