Great League Medal



That’s awesome I need one more win


Need 1 more win too.


I’ll let you win one if you let me win one


Only 45 more to go!


I’m at 1/5 for each league right now


I’m 2/5 in great and 1/5 in ultra I think. Gonna do like 40 battles with my dad soon.


My first battle was only yesterday & that was in ultra. It’s going to take sometime.

Congratulations tho :innocent:


I’ve been winning lots of battles.
You really need the right moveset.
In one situation , against @Mew1 in great league, it was my entei with full health against his with half, neither of us had shields, but my Entei wasn’t even able to charge up one overheat in the time his charged 2.


You all here know I have lost a lot more than 19 times. So challenge me!


Really? My half health Entei has 2 overheat before you can charge up one?


@Mew1 I have a feeling you will be next @5GodLink here. You guys will have blast fighting each other.


Yes you had the better fast move


Sure, thank you @bobbyjack8


Oh thanks, I don’t remember it


He kicked my butt pretty bad tonight which I’m sure you will once we get to Ultra Status. That doesn’t bother me though. I’ll still fight you.


Yeah, losing and being able to accept it is part of the game now


You get more Sinnoh Stones from losing than winning from what I’ve expierenced. But I’m not going to throw fight. I’ll still try to beat you if you challange me.


Yeah, that’s what I heard


Got in on 179 now, so 7 more days x3 battles a day = gold. :slight_smile: This is the last of the 3, so after this I’m finally done with it!