Go Hub Community Competition : Eevee x2


If ivs showed in game🤷🏾‍♂️ maybe then i would care more. I only evolved the low cp ones. Saving the good ones for tuesday.


I see, you still have that beauty, 804.


That might stay an eevee




Ended today with 43 Shiny.



815 cp!! :joy:. My best shiny eevee is the devel and is like 20 IV :sweat_smile:


I have 3 shinys low cp worthless iv
But umbreon is also worthless so im going to evolve 1 into an umbreon


Gonna end this soon, so post up.


Make that 14.


I know that @Thorend got 41 and @Jormdeworm got 14, also @Kevin_v_Hoften got 12


Looks like i won this one.


Gg :joy:. Good luck with chickorita.


I dont know how we could spread these challenges.