GO Hub Articles - 2 Darkrai articles: Darkrai raid counters guide & Darkrai metagame analysis


Got my team ready for Darkrai. I’m stoked.


You got a backup or second team or will you Revive that team.
Unless your in large lobbies more fire power is needed for this one.


I intend to revive mainly as I don’t have enough counters adequate enough to fill a second team, and I prefer not to use generalists. I’m counting on Darkrai being sought after enough to not need to revive with larger raid groups.


Just barely (~35 seconds left) beat Focus Blast in Partly Cloudy in 4 people yesterday
I guess my fighting party needs a bit of rework, shame I dont have enough dust so Ill probably just roll with the one I have till he leaves


We did a Shadow Ball Darkrai with 5 accounts, but 2 people ticking. Which made reviving wasn’t a real option and rejoining used recommended. But we made it with 3 seconds left…


What does ticking mean in this case?


Making sure the Pokemon also attack in the raid.


Im getting lost, only 2 people.made sure Pokémon attack?


2 People playing with 5 phones indeed.


Oooh, now I get it, thanks


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