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again WHO and WHAT are you replying to??


Not if they took the picture from the birds raid days and put gengar in place of those birds.


… And made the effort to put in an angled Gengar model and not make it weird?


what? You can solo a level 3 gengar if you have a good account.
2 accounts is enough for level 4.

But… for easier and faster play, 20 accounts is best. See where i’m going?


I just have a few powered up pokemon. Just once I’d beaten a tier 3 raid. Most of the time I don’t have enough time. With 4 it is a definite victory.


and i totally understand that. But considering most people cán solo it, your post was misleading.
I mean no harm :wink:


Don’t agree on the misleading part. It just if you have good iv hi lvl pokemon that you can do a tier 3 without a problem. There are enough solo player that don’t lvl fast and don’t have good iv hi lvl pokemon. :wink:


Just do the Gengar raids in a group of 4, and you should be fine.


Has anyone from APAC region evolved their Gastly/Haunter to Gengar during Gengar raid day and got two exclusive moves, Lick and Psychic?


Confirmed, it works


this is where my first three raids Will be


Wasn’t that the place where I’ve seen you in a Gym on the way to The Hague?


Yes. That was that place


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