Generation III - New Gen 3 Batch Coming Soon!

I know that many of you are very hype for the rest of gen 3, but I don’t think releasing pokemon should be the main goal of Niantic right now. if Niantic keeps on releasing pokemon like they are, pokemon go will be caught up with the main series game only in a few years. I think Niantic needs to put trading and breeding in the game first before they release any new pokemon.

I don’t see a problem catching up to the other games.
Once it does the new release schedule can either be the same time or within a set time period of the other games.

Oh ok . I didn’t see that. Hopefully that’s what’s next

I agree. Although breeding would ruin the game because it guarantees you like 20 candies for a Pokemon you have from the egg, Pvp and trading would be awesome as well as type specific lures.

It’s confirmed now…