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is there a thread where we can report our bug sightings etc? i have epic screen shots to share :smiley:


You can create if there is none.




you can report it here


just a sec



i’ll have a read^^ thanks boss man


How do we do email invites for the forum?




Not sure if you can


Forgot to turn it on


Haha thanks @apavlinovic


In my local facebook groups someone said lures now spawn much faster, like every 2 minutes…


anyone know anything about that?


What’s up! Glad to join the “Go! Hub” community! Anyone in the Detroit area who’s game for a meet-up downtown, please PM me! Good luck adventuring out here, trainers!


@GaryOak Seriously? Noted…! I’d love some more solid information confirming this. Plan to hit a heavily “pokéstop populated” area tonight for awhile. This would be ideal :smiling_imp:


Definitely surprised at how “common” aerodactyl has been during the event so far. Have yet to catch one, but just from casual glances at my phone, I’ve seen a few nearby already. Impressive


Today I am getting lots of Geodudes, Slugma, Omanyte and Kabuto


Yeah they’re definitely on the rare side for event Pokemon, but I’ve seen 2 in about 2.5 hours of play today


Omastar is the last pokemon in my regional gen 1 dex… so I’m hopeful I’ll finish it this week haha Then just need Ampharos, Porygon2, and Tyranitar