Gen IV: Magmortar



Too bad that a new best fire type will get introduced as well, Heatran


For the people that cant get it or wont be able to power it up, Magmortar will be a good choice, with his good stats.


Wonder if that will be in wild. Probably T4 raid.


To me, Magmortar, Electivire and Magnezone are like budget version of respective legendary for those who cannot get their hands on the legendary and/or do not have enough RC to power up to useable level. Candies for all 3 are much more accessible, even by walking as a buddy.


A legendary? T 5


hmm oyeah he legendary forgot


I heard Heatran has the DPS of Moltres and bulk of Entei, so it outclasses both, is it true?


Yes, with the right moveset.


Laprases old cp…


After first nerf, yes.


Should we be back to the topic?


Yep, will you use it more than Flareon?


Ya, definitely I will use it, saved several good IV Magby & Magmar, Flareon will join the retirement team.


:rofl: You use another fire?


My Vappy are kind of semi retired now :sweat_smile:


Gyrados instead? Also, what about my previous post? :joy:


Another fire? BB charizard?


Yes, or a legendary.




:sweat_smile: yes, and others.