Gen 8 Speculation



Let’s discuss about the unreleased gen 8!
What new features do you expect to see?


Praying to god we wont get another “upper version” bs


I’d like at least one new Evee evolution.

I wouldn’t mind some evolutions for older Pokemon that don’t have one. Tauros, for example.

I prefer Megas over Z-moves. Gen 2 starter Megas would be nice.

Of all the fossil Pokemon we’ve had, we’ve never had a true velociraptor.


Yes, I would like to see a Ghost, Dragon, Flying, or Steel type Eeveelution


Mega evolution for all the Eeveelutions that way they all gain a second typing. But a ghost Eeveelution would be awesome


Aren’t we still in the middle of Gen 4?


In the main series games @bobbyjack8 not Pokemon go


I don’t know gen 8 yet


There isn’t a Gen 8 just yet. But, with a new Pokemon main series game coming in “late 2019”, we’ll start hearing about it soon enough.

I’m hyped. :smiley:


Mega Lapras, Mega Snorlax, the lost Gorochu?


I don’t even know Gen 4 right now. My son has to tell me what is what because he has played Platnium. Not sure what we do for Gen 5, but Gen 6 has Mega Evolutions.


Megas dont have to be locked to Gen 6, they can release them anytime they want to
Fairy type is also Gen 6, Alolan forms are Gen 7 but here we are