Gen 4 update analysis


We are talking about moves on monsters not even in game yet. All speculation.




But can you please remove it sorry if I sound bad


We’re already 8 posts past it. Who cares?


HYYYYYYYYYYPPPPPPPPPPEEEEEEEEE! And yeah, Rip to all the moves getting nerfed, but still!


Psycho cut is currently 5 not 15. And Watergun is 5 not 10. I haven’t checked any other values but. Please review your source and make sure you have translated the info correctly.


Bug bite: Is already 5
Discharge: is 65
Dragon claw: is 50
Frost breath: is 10
Iron head: is 60
Lick: is already 5
Metal claw: is already 8
Mud shot: is 5
Poison jab: is 10
Pound: is already 7
Scratch: is already 6
Shadow claw: is 9
Wing attack: is 8
Zen headbut: is already 12

So yeah, quite a few with just the wrong power level. And the ones that are “already …” might have been updated already? Dont know if GOHUB already worked on it. Also this is ofcourse assuming GOHUB has the right numbers (wich im going to assume).

But we kinda need a bit more info to know if these moves are actually nerfed. If the cooldown time is also lowered, then it might compensate for the lower power output and stay at the same DPS level, or maybe even higher.


Exactly half the ones are incorrect, and remember they changed the moves one time for like 3 days and made adjustments.


Yeah I get it is incorrect