Fix the game!


Niantic should really devote their time to fixing the game.

And I couldn’t get my daily stop for the second day in a row because of this glitch.


Where’s the glitch?


He is near the pokestop but the map is focusing on sonething else


Thanks, the figure was so tiny I haven’t recognise it…


I noticed some GPS changes lately. Less drifting, but also the calibration of the point of clicking on the map sometimes goes off. But the buttons fuction correctly.
I think this is the result of Niantic trying to fix “drifting”. Did you notice anything in your “walking” distance @bagguille?


It may have something to do with the government shutdown. GPS for all services has been growing less reliable as services that support its maintenance run out of funds.

As for the bug, resetting the game usually resets whatever causes it. I’ve had it happen to me only once, and I had to reset it. Somehow it was caused by a lapse in internet connection.


I normally experience some drifting in home. But now it is more on/off. Either I have GPS or I don’t. And that is just getting worse. Also the registration of my walking distance is getting lower, but I walked more than last week.


Like I said, it could be because of the shutdown. I’ve noticed drops in the GPS quality as well. It wasn’t until last week where it was reported that GPS was being affected by this crap as well.


No, I reach still more than 200 km every week, without doing this distances in real. In this moment I have 183 km since last monday morning.


Hmm okj. I do notice some GPS issues. It may or may not be related, but just read this:

The update is needed earlier. The magnetic north is moving faster than expected, about 50km a year. 137 meters a day!
“A five-year update of the World Magnetic Model was due in 2020, but the U.S. military requested an early review, according to Beggan. The update was going to be released on Jan. 15 but has been delayed until Jan. 30 due to the government shutdown.” Source


Very interesting, but I think in my case it’s only because of receiving bad the signal.

If I put the phone on GPS only, it doesn’t move, but in my room I have intermittent message that the game doesn’t receive GPS.
So I put it on mixed GPS and mobile-red, and so the message disappears, but the game receives continouisly different coordinates, and so I walk street up and down during all the night.
But when I go really to the street the effect isn’t present because of continous GPS-Signal.


I want that bug too I guess! :stuck_out_tongue: