First Ever Ex Raid Pass


I was greeted yesterday by an Ex-Raid Invitation, from an Ex-Raid gym that I happened to beat a Mawile. Since this would be my first Ex-Raid encounter, I do not have any idea what to expect. Any tips guys?

  • I do not know which Boss Mons will be there
  • I do not have a lot of high CP or even pokemons that have a good moveset

I am just for the experience here. Hope more players will show up during the raid so that I could have a good chance to win and have a chance to catch the featured pokemon what ever it is.

Wish me luck! :sweat_smile:


Ex Raid is only for Deoxys. Attack form atm and the easiest one to do.
Get there early and talk to the others that are there to work out which group you go in with.
Your best Physic counters is what use. Bite Crunch Tyranitar are the best to use.
Have fun.


Is it a one time chance, say I battle then lose, could I still try again as long as the time is not over?


Congratulations on the first! For Attack form of Deoxys you WILL beat it. So whether you capture it afterwards or not, your raid is done (like other raids).

I’m pretty sure the EX raid is a one-time shot. So if you don’t beat the boss in time, you don’t get another chance. I always make sure to join a group big enough to beat the boss, and to wait for others until there are enough. Ask other raiders who might know for that boss.

As with other high-tier raids, if your team ‘faints’ you can re-join inside the raid. Until the 3 minutes ends.


Its just like a normal raid. So yes you can go again as long as the raid is still active
Find 2 or 3 from your teams colour to maximize team damage balls. Dont go with a too large group to maximize personal damage balls.
Use shadowball mewtwo, any ghost attack gengar or bite/crunch tyranitar. If you dont have any of those just look at the gohub guide.
Also the catchrate is pretty high. Just dont spam your balls. Wait till after its attack with throwing.


Thanks all for the tips!

I just wish some will show up since I feel the game is not much of a thing here in our locality.



I’ve been pretty lucky and seem to get Ex passes often. Sadly, they usually are scheduled for times when I am at work or I can make it but no one else is there. :frowning:

Can’t complain though, I did land a Deoxys on one of them. :smiley:


Wish I could have one too! :grinning:


You need about 20 unique accounts to trigger an EX-raid so it might be more popular than you think.


Wow, that’s a popularity based task.

I remember some Ingress player I have chatted months ago saying they are the one who trigger the Mew2 Ex-Raid in one particular gym, long before “Ex-Raid Gym” marker is shown in gyms.


Congratulations on the Ex Raid pass.

At the moment the Deoxy Attack mode is Ex raid boss and is rather easy to beat. Good luck catching it, i would suggest gold razzing or silver pinaping the first couple throws.

For extra balls get gym control so that may mean getting there 30 minutes early. If you have an ultra friend you play with☺️☺️ you could invite them to your raid for extra dmg and balls! this too will give you friendship bonus.

Best of luck.


It’s pretty easy to catch honestly, as long as your patient. Catch rates for EX Raid bosses are higher than Legendaries, boasting a 6% base catch rate. It’s like a 1 in 4 chance of catching it with a Great Curveball Throw and a Golden Razz.


Not so good thing cause my only Ultra Friends is from another country :grin:

@Arem1771 I only throw Curveball in quests :grin:


@HLAJR, @Arem1771 is right about the catch rate on Ex raid bosses, throw Golden Razz and be patient at throwing the premier ball, wait until after it attacks


Yap, got to relax a bit :grin: I’ve already learned from two raid misses months ago, so I gotta timed my throws and fix my aim.



Don’t rush in and start flicking Balls at it madly. Take a brief moment and watch it’s move sequences for the keys to throw. Take your time, there’s no extra prize for who can catch it the fastest.


Pinap that boye




I have yet to get an EX-Raid pass. I’ve had a few friends invite me to go on their’s but my work schedule has not allowed it.


I’ve only ever had one e x pass