Finding gible


Are there any tips for ways to improve one’s odds of running across a Gible? (e.g. are there places they tend to spawn? are any of the lures effective attracting them?) Several of my friends have them for their buddy; but I haven’t even encountered one in the game, yet. Kind of like Unown or Carnivine.


Sadly, no. Gible is the psuedo-Legendary Pokemon of this generation and a Dragon-type, which makes him ultra-rare. I only found two, and that was thanks to windy weather for the first, and sunny weather to the other one.






I have bigger chances of finding a dragon in real life than finding a gible in pokemon go.


Gible tends to spawn more in windy than in sunny for me


I found 10, without the 1


You need to find a good Discord or our social media Pokemon Group that members report them in your area.
It’s hit and miss with the time it might still be there but some chance is better than no chance.


I have only seen one Gible but I couldn’t go out and catch it.


Since it came out, we only had one report of a Gible in our WhatsApp group, and that was late at night when I was in bed. It’s probably the rarest of the new Pokémon, maybe on par with Cherubi…
Both can hatch from eggs at least…


You can lure Cherubi with a Mossy Lure. I wish one of the other lures worked for Gible.


Only seen one, caught it, was 93%


Only saw one… a friend hatched it from a 10km egg.




Apparently more ultra-rare for some than for others. (Folks who have yet even to see one could perceive seeing two as grossly unfair.)

But it’s just another instance where we experience that true randomness is a rather lumpy (or streaky) reality that’s neither smooth nor fair. Smooth and fair are hallmarks of quotas, not probabilities, in situations where players aren’t all playing all the time.

That it’s just the way numbers behave doesn’t make it any less unpleasant for those in a numeric drought (nor any less pleasant for those on the other end).


In my defense, the first one was spotted because of the prioritized algorithm for Pokemon not registered in the Dex fully. The second one was just pure happenstance.


Nobody was accusing you of anything. Quite the contrary – I was trying to use this inequality of result to explain how it is neither expected nor particularly desirable for everybody to have the same number of shinies or rare pokémon as everybody else.

If all players played continuously and made the same moves consistently, we might expect the RNGs to produce results that are close to uniform over long periods of time. Even then, there would be periods of time where some players get better results than others.


And we all love to have some result different to the rest… that’s human.


And not just different, but better, too. :roll_eyes:


I still haven’t found a Gible. But I’m not going to give up.