Favorite Pokemon


I was referring to the in game animation of Pokemon GO not an animated series. Click and hold on an Ivy you own in GO and it will perform a cool animation.


I know, but that is the special/non-contact move animation from the main games, Go took all the models and animations from them


I am looking forward to Dedenne in pokemon go to.


Ivy is cool… good grass animation and pokemon altogether


Me to. Otters are aweosome.
(30 letter limit)


Right now my favorite is Gengar with Focus Blast. He is fun to use in Gym Battles.


Gengar looks better than almost every pokemon. Cool and creepy… sweet choice.:new_moon_with_face:


I like watching My Gengar battle.
Wish I had more with Shadow Ball :confounded:


My favorite Pokémon is froslass, a generation 4 evolution of snorunt. I obviously don’t have froslass, but I’ve definitely stocked up on snorunt candy! I got my Pokédex Glalie and will never get another one!


Ralts just cuz