Ex Raid Preparation

  • 6 are default
  • 2 if you have an ultra friend in the battle
  • 3 for team contribution
  • up to 3 if groups are small enough for you to do 20%
    In other words, you can get up to 14 balls without taking over the gym


Had least amount yesterday for team so got 0

Only got for gym control. My methods always work out for me. Every trainer journey different.


Dont you split by teams?


No, i go in with randoms. I am a solo player. Only play with my cousin.


Doesnt mean there arent others of your colour tho right?


I counted them. Was 4 valor. No balls for contribution maybe 1?

i got 2 from gym contro and 1 from i dont remember where. Way better than 7


i always count my team colors in raids.


So why not make a group of 4 Valor and 1 or 2 from other colour, somebody who doesnt care about extra balls?


Only 14 trainers. Rather play all together. Also i jump in, no group no nothing. Just all go in and free for all.

Gym control is a must in this savage land.


:joy::joy::joy: I like your bomb posts :+1:


i aint dragging this Exraid set up of mine no more. I caught it yesterday 1 ball. lmao.

Get there early have gym control. Win the world.

I didnt have any friends in ex raid either way.

edit- Everyone be mad af when they dont got gym :man_shrugging:t5::speaking_head:


Oh well Valor rules, since you won the fight


Won thanks to Instinct tbh


Could have easily split that into 2 x7 or a 6 and and 8 with the weaker ones in the 8. That way most will get the damage bonus. The only way that won’t work to win is if all are under L25 with weak battlers.
I’ve done it with 3 on a weather boosted one where all 3 accounts had L30-35 Ttar plus a few spare Tatar the same for the follow up teams. We had 3sec left in the end after it was defeated and still counts down :grinning:


I rather big groups. lately my mewtwos been dying.


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