EX raid losing luster?


Just finished latest EX raid, for which only 4 people showed up. We still took down the Deoxys; but it was kind of eerie to have such a small turnout, when I’d gotten used to having 20 or more attend.

Is it indicative of Deoxys fatigue? Greater interest in Rayquaza raids? Or just an aberration? I know both of those first two apply to me by now; but will wait for the next EX raid to get another data point regarding that question.

Anybody else noticing a pronounced slip in EX raid attendance where you are?


87 registrations over 7 EX raids for tommorow in our city. And thats the ones i know about (usually all but sometimes 1 slips trough) and the people who registered. Theres always a few on each raid that show up unanounced.


Thanks for the report. Another local player I know just reported that attendance was better at two gyms less remote than the one I raided. That’s encouraging, even though I recall that the raid that won me this invite had over 30 people split into 3 groups. (So it wasn’t so remote that people don’t go there to raid in the first place.)

I still hope we get a new EX boss soon – it’s getting harder to justify making the special trips just to get another Deoxys.


Its approximately 3 months for each Deoxys form. Weve started with the first Deoxys in October 2018 so the last should be at the end of september. just 6 more weeks :stuck_out_tongue:


Absolutely, regulars are bored with Deoxys.
I think the only ones who might be excited by current Ex Raids are people who are new to the game or haven’t got the Forme yet.
Deoxys is a disappointing Pokémon in that it’s virtually a Trophy complete the Dex Pokemon. It has no use or relevance for helping get or battle other Raid Bosses hence players don’t feel the drive to get the best possible one or the need to power existing ones up.
I’ve missed more Ex Raids than I’ve done for the very reasons listed above.

You could add in the 10weeks of Midday unsuitable days/times for the masses and people lose interest if they work to get a Pass and can’t use it.
I’d like to see Niantic change the cycle to 3 days each for Sat and Sun Ex Raids and single days Mon-Fri Raids. The current 4 and 10 cycle has helped the interest die imho.


I still have never done an EX-Raid.


Why not?


No EX-Raid eligible gyms in my town. When I do most of my gym battles, I’m commuting to work which is before and after raids are going. I only do raids on my days off and I don’t really feel like driving to next town over to do a raid where I may or may not get an EX-Raid invite.


the fact that it can’t be traded makes it even more useless.


EX Raids right now may not be popular thanks to the featured Pokemon, but I’m sure there will be a surge once its switches out. If the new Ultra Bonus Unlock announcement is any indication, you have a week to catch a forme of Deoxys in Week 2. That’s my guess anyway.


I have a pass for 23th of august… anybody know which monster I will see there?


My guess is Deoxys will be around until the end of the month.
The first Ex in the new Month might see the change.


Yeah, thanks. For me this passes are allways a surprise, I don’t search for them.
In this case it’s a Gym I haven’t visited for at least one year, and I have done only one raid of a red egg.


How much ya wanna bet the mysterious mythical mentioned in the previews is just a reference to having Deoxys available in ordinary T5 raids for a short time, like was the case with Mewtwo whein it was retired as the EX raid boss to make way for Deoxys in the first place. (Dang, that seems like so long ago…)


Oh please No. Not DePoxy for 2 ,3 or heaven forbid 4 weeks.


Hopefully it will just be week 2 of the upcoming special event, which says a mythical will be available that week in raids.


Probably because there are too much ex-gyms around and people have to choose the ones that are inside there timeframe for the holidays.

On my town there are 28 ex-gyms in 52 gyms. Not to bother with the ones that are farthest and during mid-day, when people can be into the beach. 9AM raids get 12-20 people. 11AM get 4-6. 1PM get 4-6. 3PM get 3-4. 6-7PM get 12-20.


Thats not a bad proportion. Weve got 60 out of ~240. More than plenty.


We have only 4 of our 58 or 59 gyms are EX, our gyms are in 2 cells so we can trigger only a max of 2 raids per week. Raids between 11:30-1:30 get between 12 and 30 people. Raids after 5pm get 20-40. Any raids outside that window get 5-10.

I think the biggest issue is timing of when the raids get triggered and released. Niantic should shift the focus to the time when the most numbers of raid occur and I think numbers and prevent raid blocking from occurring and would make the interest higher.


I for one couldn’t really care less what the ex-raid boss is, I just like the fact that I get to do a 2nd free raid one day a week when I have an invite. The extra stardust, rare candy and tm’s are great too.