EX raid dates (Passes)


When are EX passes handed out?


Thursday or friday


I didn’t really know, thanks.


It depends on the wave. Niantic have switched it up recently and given passes on random days, but @Necrozmadabest is right at the moment.


Yeah I’m wondering if they will switch the dates.


Who knows, I reckon the next batch of passes will come Thursday night (7pm GMT). Normally the passes for one wave come 2 days before the people from the last wave actually do their raids


EX raid seem to takes 7/8 days after the passes are released, so if JoshHack is right, then the raids will be on 2/20 or 2/21.


Quite sure they switched the dates so that people raid at the weekend
a week ago we had it for the first time, the tuesday wave was just for M2’s birthday


Yeah so maybe 2/22 or 2/23


Soon then may change EX bosses and make Mew2 a normal raid. (hopefully)


I hope that they make Mewtwo available in the quests.


Yeah thats another good idea and it’ll benefit players who can’t do raids.


After months of no ex passes, I get two in two weeks. I caught the first mew2 with terrible IVs and have my next raid this coming Saturday. Hopefully better this time.

I received both passes on Thursdays and both for the same sponsored location. Our local group has experienced more ex invites for parks with this latest wave


Well done to you on the MewTwo catch, I hope your next one goes just as well.
To address your point about more passes being given out it’s due to Niantic now using level 13 cells compared to level 12 like they’ve been using up until this point. Park gyms also appear to be giving out more passes. I’ve gotten 2 EX passes (caught a MewTwo, next one on the 17th) for the same park gym. As long as you can map out your local parks AND the s2 cell arrangement it’s drastically easier to get a pass.
Personally, I use pokemongomap.info to check my local area. It shows all the gyms, PokeStop s, parks and s2 cells simultaneously. To wrap this all up, congrats on the MewTwo, and I hope you get many more passes in the future. Jees I can’t believe I wrote this much.


I gotten mine on tuesdays, wednesdays and even mondays.

The key is to raid every raid @ exspots on thursday and friday and sunday


It seems like it is easier to get a pass in parks.


There used to be a pattern but all of that went out the window in the last 2 weeks with some surprise ones given out on a Thursday for an Ex Raid on a Sunday then that was followed by the glitch issue on Wednesday for Raids Sunday then there was another issue of passes Saturday morning for Raids the following Saturday.


Pattern still exists
Handed out on friday/thursday, raid is on sunday/saturday next week