Evolving Eevee - Best choices?


I’m waiting for a good IV eevee to get another umbreon…catching lots of eevee, but bad luck on the IVs. It’s tanky and dark type. I have a few Gengar, but they faint so fast they’re not real useful against lugia (and presumably mewtwo) and a pretty good bite/crunch ttar, but I need more. I rarely see houndour or gastly in my area, so umbreon it is.


Good choice, my newfound Umbreon friend! :slight_smile:


This is my pride and joy:


I have a question about THIS reseach. Do we need to walk 10KM with Eevee or is the requirement satisfied when it receives two candies?


You can’t get the 2 Candy without walking the 10k.


Normally, no. However, during special events when the walking requirement is reduced, you can.


Easy fix, if it’s a special event make sure you walk 10k.


Can you can you still use the nicknames to get them all


Yes, but you can use the nicknames only one time each, so 1 guaranteed Umbreon, 1 guaranteed Flareon, etcetera.

Some things to consider:
-You’ll always eventually find an Eevee with even better stats to eevolve into your favourite Eevolve. So don’t use this trick unless you find one with exceptional stats.
-There are way more male Eevees than female Eevees. Should breeding ever get implemented, then it might be hard to aquire, for example, a female Vaporeon with high IVee if you already used your named slots.


I managed to randomly evolve one of each of the first three and use the name on 100% Eevee to get Espeon