Eggs have been gone…[Resolved]


It was full of eggs. I’m 100% sure. Now they’re all gone. Strange…


Weird. Do you have 9 new Pokemon in your box though?


Mine all still seem to be here, sigh

Mine are so clogged with 5k


No. Would be nice though😂


I didn’t know what the “no eggs” page looked like, though.


XD I know. Speed-hatching glitch :joy:. But is this just an unfortunate bug?


They randomly turned back again now. I rather got some new eggs though. Still weird.


It seems to be a new glitch I guess.


The game is glitchy, I had a Pokémon get kicked from a gym but it showed it as defending for an additional 20 hours before he returned fully healed.


Yes today i was fighting a gym, and the pokemon died and then the screen went white for a second then took me back to the gym screen and it lost no motivation.


Is that Lucky?


Same I have all 5k except for the one seven k I got from @Jormdeworm