Did you get a Sinnoh stone?


I got a stone this morning.


Got a stone in my first training battle in the Master League. Together with 500 stardust.


Got a stone tonight in my Trainer battle against Spark.


Just dust today, but my hubby got a Stone from a Leader Battle yesterday.


I didn’t know that you could get evo items…ive never gotten one, thats for sure


Just got one from tonight’s round of battles, bringing my total reserve to 9. This is the last time I’ll have a chance at a Sinnoh Stone before Community Day.


I had a lucky week, I’d say. These are from Leader Battles only.
500 dust
500 dust
1 stone
500 dust
1 stone

I only get Trainer Battles during weekends, when I get to steal my gfs phone! Those usually get me at least 1~2 stone in 2 days spam (6 battles)
I’m sitting at 12 Stones right now. Don’t believe I’ll get more until this community day.


Did 5 team leader battles today. Got dust on first four, but got a stone on 5th.


I forgot that there were five opportunities starting today.

Out of my five Leader Battles, I got one Sinnoh Stone. Got Stardust on the others. Total of 10 Sinnoh Stones in tow.


I thought these 5 opportunities to get Stone from team leader battle starting from Saturday, luckily I read this topic.

I got 2 Sinnoh Stone and 1 rare candy from 5 team leader battles, the rest are dust


Five guaranteed Sinnoh Stones is live now for anyone having Community Day on the 16th. I just did mine right after the clock struck midnight. Got all five.


I’m ready for Community Day now.


Got my 10. Sitting at 18 in reserve. Evolved a Shiny Swinub to get the entries, but I’m more than ready for the rest of the evolutions obviously.


I only ended up using 5. I also did another Rhyperior just for fun.


I got stones from every training battle today


5 SS’s, i want a mamo for ground and one for ice


Still want 4 more


Got another one during five Trainer Battles yesterday, bringing my reserve to 19.


Got one yesterday and this morning


Got one from a Leader Battle today, first one from that in a long time.