Did you get a Sinnoh stone?


Last 3 weeks, no stone. Not in PvP, not in Training, not from Adventure sync. :tired_face:


Team rocket has lots of sinnoh stones.

Team Rocket Day

PvP: Dust; 2xCandy; Dust Training: Dust


3 battle all dust



Got one on my Trainer battle tonight!


I’ve gotten three in the past two days, one in yesterday’s battles and two more in today’s battles. More or less, I’m ready for the remaining evolutions.


Haven’t gotten anything useful.


We can battle later try to get a stone


That’s great is now fine


You ready???


Just rare candy today


That’s great!


Got two more last night. One from a battle and another from Field Research Breakthrough. I’m at 7 in reserve.


I have 8. But did anyone got a stone from a gift?
Got a king’s rock today, so maybe it’s possible to get a stone to.


It’s not possible to get a Sinnoh Stone from Friend Gifts as of yet. I do believe it should be in there, but it’s not.


I think I’ve only ever got one Metal Coat & one King’s Rock from Gifts.


I got bunch of stones from fights today. Just keep challenging people.


Got another one last night battling my husband. He got one himself today. It’s been pretty rare that either one of us doesn’t get a Sinnoh Stone it seems.


Lets see, over the last 7 days my one and only Trainer Battle I can do has netted me:
500 Dust
500 Dust
500 Dust
1 Rare candy
500 Dust
500 Dust
500 Dust
500 Dust