Did you get a Sinnoh stone?


Today I got dust+rare candy; 2x rare candy and only dust


I got rare candy, dust, and stone in my 3 Trainer battles, and just dust with my gym leader training battle today.


For once, I didn’t get a Sinnoh Stone from Research Breakthroughs. Got Rare Candy instead, so I ain’t mad. XD


Hadn’t seen a sinnoh stone at all for a couple of days, even in several battles a day. Got a rare candy today. Nice.


Got one stone today


No Stone, No Rare only Dust from my Training Battle.


I got one at midnight, but I can’t get any more rewards again until then.


Today: 1x stone; 1x 500 dust; 1x stone and training 1x stone


I got 1 after midnight


Lets fight at midnight.


Just got one via Leader Battle. Makes up for an extra I spent on a Honchkrow that is relevant to my battle teams.


If you’re battling pvp in pursuit of a sinnoh stone, make sure your bag isn’t full. If it tries to give you a stone and finds your bag too full to fit one, that will still count as your chance for the day… Even if you clear space and try again it won’t try to give you another.

When I try to open a gift but encounter a full bag, it offers to let me “manage items” to clear out space, and then try again – basically never failing until you tell it to cancel. Why can’t ALL the places where the game tries to add items to our bag just use the same subroutine/function/call/whatever as that? Why do the others just fail?


It probably wasn’t coded yet, but they do warn you if your bag is full before starting a battle.


I got no warning before the battle. Only the error that my bag was full after the battle, then a little stardust and another point on my league badge.


It’s there and then it leaves. I often tell people to never look away from your PvP screen because some stuff is there and then gone. I saw it there for a little while and then it faded away.


A full bag going into a battle would seem like something worth having the user confirm before continuing, since reward items could be lost. The user’s asked to confirm evolving or powering-up a Pokemon. I think this deserves confirmation.


Like I said, it’s probably not coded in yet and will likely get coded in future updates.


Even modern object-oriented software still doesn’t realize the degree of modularity that it promised almost 3 decades ago. smh.


Been only getting dust. No stone. Only rare candy twice, this week


Ok just let me know