Deoxy and other Regi forms 🤔


Look at it like this:
They have to replace Mewtwo, and they will likely do it soon
There is no legendary that could take its place
Special Research fits pixies a lot more than it fits battle-oriented Pokemon like Deoxys or Darkrai


Oh i get what your saying, but if they are consistent then i dont see a new pokemon entering EX-raids soon.


I expect big reveals at Go Fest. New special research, pvp, new EX raids, Pokestop submission…

I see Go Fest as the Blizzcon for Niantic. They’ll most likely drop some big news there.


Just my personal hope here, but i wish Deoxys is in a regular Tier 5 raid, i would like to battle it rather than research
As for i Deoxys in EX raid, same as mewtwo, it is hard to convince other trainer to short man it which i like.
If its regular T5 raids, i can short man it with my fellow trainer in our group.


22 june an new legendary Pokémon or an come-back will happen.i think as a come-back Rayquaza will new legendary Pokémon,I would think regirock,Regice and Registeel.Regirock and Regice have the same maximum CP.Registeel is WEAKER then Absol.Regis counters:Regirock is weak to water,steel,fighting,Grass and ground types.Kyogre and Vapereon are good water attackers.Gyarados isnt that bad too.Venasaur,Sceptile and Meganium are good grass type attackers.But Tangela is good too!In ground types Rhydon is a very nice rock type attacker.golem is only good t
If it has only ground type moves,which is good to registeel too.Groudon is good to all regis expect Regice.Registeels weaknesses are ground,fire and fighting.Machamp and Hariyama are very good to Registeel.Blaziken,Charizard and Typlosion are good too as a fire attacker.Golem is only good if it has only rock type moves.Rhydon too.Regices weaknesses are Fire,Fighting and Rock Types.Machamp and Hariyama are really good tho.Golem as a rock type attacker only and Rhydon is a very nice rock type attacker too.As fire types i should ALWAYS use Blaziken because its a fire and fighting type.


I think Groudon will come back for a few weeks before Go Fest starts.


"and Meganium are good grass type attackers"
Also, Regirock has 5 weaknesses and you completely missed Moltres and Entei


I wrote this not from a website or something so i dont know all counters!!..
I aint a bot or something…


Meganium isnt that bad


Yeah, its just worse than majority of grass types and is by far the worst grass starter for four generations


Why yall choosing Deoxy over Celibi