DawidRTG's ideas to make Pokemon go great again


I like all of your ideas except for the EX at silver gyms one. I got mine at a gym where I happened to have a bronze badge, and nearly every player in my raid group had a bronze badge at that gym. That would make the EX raids even more exclusive IMO.


I feel like a huge mistake on the side of Niantic has occurred. Tyranitar should never have been a raid - it’s common and worthless now to everyone who does regular raids (I have failed one Tyranitar and that’s it) and for this reason and also people ending up with 20 metagross on day one of GEN 3 release I fell that pseudo legendaries should NOT be in raids.

EDIT: forgot to mention some of these ideas are amazing btw good work


Niantic wanted to generate excitement for raids. When they first released them, legendaries still weren’t available, so they had to generate excitement (and sell raid passes) by having rarer bosses. I do agree it has made tyranitar less special. If it weren’t for raids, I would probably have one maybe two tyranitars, but thanks to raids I have six including a 100%.


I’m blown away. Great ideas. Keep up the good work bro.


It’s our turn @Dinsara92 to write great articles for Pokemon GO.


Yeah! Question… Is it a long post or is it going to be divided by part?


It should be divided into 5 parts. (Maybe 5 topics are more clear)


ok man. I should finish by this weekend


We should post our articles alternately. If you finish part 2 on Friday/Saturday, I will post part 3 on Sunday.


ok. I’ll start writing Part 2 asap


@Dinsara92 if you have got any ideas related to these articles, you may share them as well.


yes. of . i think i have a few


Part 2 of my ideas is in progress :slight_smile:


Could you leak out some ideas about it? Are they related to raids/gym system/items?


I have an idea for „Gym seasons”


I have one thing to say to you my man. Niantic is hiring so please check them out.