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Ok, so I saw the walked distance is completely removed from some accounts. I got it as well.

Who has this as well? Is there more known?




Do you have the walking distance bug, too?

  • Yes
  • No

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Niantic has stated that some time zones have their community day to be 1 hour longer than normal because of server issues. Maybe this has something to do with that


I’ve already shared it in General Discussion, but here’s it again:


yes, having this issue too in Madrid Spain

But i think eggs still hatch when they have too, have opened two of them in this morning walk


Just did some digging and found this:


Some regions have a lot of server issues. I’m seeing a lot of complains in reddit and twitter.
These timezones have troubles: GMT+7, GMT+8, GMT+9 and GMT+10.
They get an extra CD hour.


I don’t have this bug, but have a slew of others. Game was unplayable tonight for me, so I gave up and started drawing Pokemon instead. :wink:


My distance had been set to zero - as Niantic stated in their tweet - but I already got it restored.
I still have an hour until Community day starts here.


Got it restored as well


Here it’s fine now as well.


Good of Niantic for tossing a compensatory bone to the affected time zones. Somehow an extra hour of CD seems out of place, when CD (which was still 12 to 15 hours after the fix) was not affected. I might have preferred to see an extra raid pass or two in my bag, instead.

But complaining that a freebie isn’t exactly the freebie I want would just be petty, I guess…


These zones had issues during the CD.


How? The CD still hasn’t started, yet, in those time zones…


It are the + timezones, meaning it is later than it is here where I live


Wake me if a car is about to run over me, please…

I entered “GMT+8” into google and didn’t notice that it gave me GMT minus 8 instead. Thanks Gooble (sarcastically)… Thanks for the correction, @MrHeineken88


It’s back😞

Edit: The 0km is gone again.


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