Count back from 10,000 to 0 Challenge!


9341 I don’t watch football no more don’t care for most of the teams used to like the Houston Oilers


Well I lost the Colts when I was a kid, but we got the Ravens. Good thing I’m a Redskins fan though. You got the Texans now. At least you’re not a Dallas fan. My wife is.


9339 I support Dallas and Houston and the Spurs just because I’m from Texas but don’t care for them


This Thanksgiving will be 3rd in last 6 years where it gets ruined for one of us.


Lol want make a bet???


No. Even if Dallas remains pathetic all season, they will still find a way to beat the Redskins.


9335 at least someone believes in them


Vegas had the Rams game correct. Spread was Rams by 7. Final score- Vikings 31. Rams 38.


9333 yup you ever win anything on games that you don’t do that kind of thing


Now that football is over, I’m watching Shameless.


9331 that’s a good show you ever watch Ozark


Haven’t started Season 2 yet. Going to watch Ironfist Season 2 first.


9329 saw the first season it was okay Jessica Jones and Luke Cage or a lot better and Daredevil is the best The Defenders was good too


Everyone said how bad Ironfist was. I actually liked it. Jessica Jones 2nd season not as good as first. Luke Cage first half of season 1 was good, but once Diamondback became main villain, it was retarded. Season 2 was better. Daredevil was great both seasons.


You ever seen the show called Legion based off the X-Men universe


Heard of it, but never watched.


9325 do you ever get a chance watch it it’s one of those were makes you think a little bit


Just got so much left to watch and now that it’s football and about to be hockey season, there is no time.