Could Be a FAQs


And for the other ones get slowing its good in gym battles and I have not tried it out in pvp yet but it will probably be good UL

  1. Do gyms that become an Ex-Raid will stay that way indefinitely?


Might change in the future, probably not but so far yes


Of course, now there are… Porygon needs an Upgrade and Porygon2 then needs a Sinnoh Stone. Just didn’t want to leave my answer like this


Thanks for the update…

  1. Does having a High IVs always means a good Pokemons for battling?


No. I’m told a 0% IV Level 30 Pokémon is better than a 100% Level 20. But a 100% Level 20 is better than a 98% Level 20.


Nice analogy there! I get that angle…

Sorry for this question though… How would I know the Pokemon’s Level? I’m afraid I am guilty of deleting possibly high level pokemons because they have low IVs during my checking :sob:

I guess I should give attention to that level thing as much as I now checks for IVs


Not sure. Both Calcy IV and Poke Genie do know the levels. If I’m not mistaken a Pokémon gotten from Field Research is always Level 15 and from raid is Level 20, unless it’s Weather Boosted, then it’s Level 25.


Ooohhh… I am using Poke Genie since I know about IVs but WHY OH WHY I have missed that LEVEL Stat there! :sob:

Is the Pokemon Level, tied to Player Level? I mean like low level players (1 - 20) cannot catch high level pokemons and high level players (30-40) always given high level pokemons?

Anyway, thanks for the heads up!

Niantic should give us option to sort pokemons by their levels! I demand!!! :joy:


If your Pokémon is fully powered up, it is at level 40.
If it costs around 8000 stardust to power up, it’s at about level 35.
If it costs around 5000 stardust to power up, it’s at about level 30.
If it costs around 4000 stardust to power up, it’s at about level 25.
If it costs around 2500 stardust to power up, it’s at about level 20.


Thanks for that straight forward reference…

And Fully POWERED there means the CP right?


If you don’t see a power up button then it is level 40

A wild pokemons level can be anything between 1 and 1.5 levels than your trainer level, for example since I am level 34 I can catch wild Pokemon ranging from level 1 to level 35.5

In egg hatches, raid bosses, and research rewards they will be level 20



Looks like my (first ever playing) first pokemon go filtration before just by their CP has indeed basis. As from what I know understand, IVs and Levels are somewhat inversely proportional to a pokemons CP, meaning for a particular pokemon having the same CP, a high level IVs means a low level pokemon and a high level pokemon means a low level IVs…

and the end is having the max CP when you got a perfect IV pokemon max to level 40, Did I get that right?

and also since we can level up a pokemon by powering it up, but cannot change a pokemon’s IV unless we “trade” it? Therefore having a higher IV or best a perfect IV pokemon is the surest best way there is to have, am I right to assume this?

Whew! It just getting more and more thing to look at to :grin: