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  1. Spawn related question still… Anyone knows how Niantic identify or select “Spawn Spot” (others call it nest) in the wild that are not near any pokestop or gym?

I happen to see these spots within our subdivision by walking through all the streets during my first pokemon (2nd account actually since I did not know Pikachu could spawn as starter before) while trying to move far away from the trio starter and have Pikachu appear.

So these spots does not have any identifiable marks, even if I match it against Google Map, except for those bodies of water along the way like creeks and rivers.

I just thought some of these spots seems to be a waste if they happen to be not accessible from traffic or have obstacles to reach them.


It will not continue, so I said no…???


It continues also when you left the game. So don’t leave the game when you have a Lucky Egg or Star Piece on.


Yup, it’s only logical that way, once it is fired, it will countdown server side so no matter what happen to the player/account, the item will be used up until timer goes to zero, unless probably and perhaps, there could be an issue to the server and will cause things(data) to freeze, and when it resumes, your timer is still there counting down.

Anyway, my thought on this is if you can still go back to the game and still be able to “use” your ongoing items, and base from my experiment, it is still “working” in game after you return and continues until it wears down.

Thanks for everyone’s input on this. Hope you will see my other questions and continue to answer. :grin:

  1. Since GIFTing a FRIEND levels up your friendship and gives you XP specially the Ultra and Best Friend, most knows that a Lucky Egg will further increase your bonus XP like instead of just 50K with Ultra Friend, it will becomes 100K then.

Question is how to time it exactly (as I already missed a lot on these) when you are both just a day towards being Ultra Friend. What would be the Trigger? Is it your friend, opening your sent gift to them or the moment you sent the egg? I was caught unprepared as when I logged in, notifications already pop screenwide saying the news, and I had not even reach the inventory yet to pop a lucky egg to increase the bonus XP.

I believe I made mistake with my strategy as I only and always open gift when I have something to give in return and I do it asap without any thinking :grin: I even send gift without opening theirs if my egg and gift inventory is full.

Anyone could share their strategy regarding these?


how old are you OMG? Learn to read!

Again: he asked if the lucky egg continues if you log of. You said NO. But it DOES continue. So your answer is WRONG!


Chill Guys… He might have just got confused with my question. It’s no big deal anyway as I had also do a little experimentation afterwards and verified it indeed CONTINUES until timer reaches zero.

Anyway, I do hope you will still answers my other question and more to come :grin:


Best option to make sure you both benefit from the friendship XP bonus is to see if you can get their details on some form of social media so you can contact them & let them know you’re going to open the next gift that levels you up. Our local raid chat does a “Super Sunday” event where we open gifts for Ultra / Best friends on Sunday at 10am so everyone who is leveling up can be sure the other trainers have a lucky egg on.
If you can’t do that (if you can’t contact them), maybe you can stop sending & opening gifts about 5 days before you level up. Then pick a date 5-7 days ahead where you open gifts (as long as the other trainer keeps sending them) each day at a certain time so when you get to the gift that levels you up the other trainer knows you’ll be opening it & can put on a lucky egg.


Thanks for the tip!


Sorry, I worded it wrong, I know that it continues when you left the gane, but that it doesn’t continue when you return if the time is used up… :sweat_smile:

Why do active people stop sending/opening gifts?
  1. Gifting and Friendship Leveling

How is opening or sending gift increases the friendship level?

  • When Player A send gift, then Player B “OPENS” it?
  • When Player A send gift, and Player B “SENDS” gift in return?
  • Both Player A and B SHOULD SEND and OPEN both their gifts?

  1. Celebi Quest question.

On part 6/8, third item says “Use items to evolve Pokémon 2 times”.

Does it mean I need to evolve ONE Pokemon 2 TIMES consecutively?

or it just mean I need to evolve any pokemon, but I need to do it twice?

Just want to be sure since this part requires an ITEM that just cannot be pick any time, so just thinking it twice before I do it :grin:

Celebi Quest - Question

Question 10. It is evolve 2 pokémon, using items.

“Use 2 times items to evolve Pokémon”


you get friendship xp when:

  • either player opens a gift. So, once a day when opening a gift. Not with sending or any other combo you think of.
  • you gym-battle together
  • you trade
  • you raid together


@Punica Thanks for the confirmation.

To sum it up…

  • via Gifting, Friendship level increase ONLY ONCE per DAY if GIFT is Opened.
  • via Trade, also ONCE per DAY, and not together with gifting, right? meaning if you already opened a gift, then decided to trade, both will only Level one time that day?

I am not so into gym-battling and raiding these times… :grin:


Sorry, but I’m still confuse with your statement… :grinning:

Anyway, I come to think of it that perhaps that quest really means two separate pokemons since I believe there are still no evolution that uses an item like for example a Scyther using Metal Coat to evolve into Scizor then use another item to evolve that Scizor into another pokemon, isn’t it?


It means:
Evolve any 2 Pokémon that require an item (king stone, sun stone,… not sure if Sinnoh Stone works here).
You can evolve two of the same species, but you don’t have to.
There are no Pokémon that can be evolved twice and need an item both times, I think.


Thanks! That’s great as what I have come to think also :grinning:

Thanks for your inputs guys @bagguille @kRe , now I am confident I would do it just fine.


you can get friend-xp once per day. You can get your xp when you open a gift, but if your friend opens his first then there is no need to open his gifts that day.

Very important, you can see if you’ve gotten xp that day for each friend. Just look for the blue border circle around your friends profile pic. If it’s blue, don’t open gift.

and no. opening gifts and later on the same day trading does not help with friendship xp.
That is why i don’t understand why some people open gifts at 8AM. You don’t know who you gonna meet later on the day with raiding. If you don’t raid or have raiding friends this doesn’t apply of course

  1. What is the standard time being used on the quest that evolves Eevee into Espeon and Umbreon?

I am at Philippines that has a GMT +8 (we have 12hours difference with Mainland US so if it was day time here, it’s night time in US).

I was into thinking that the quest is with local player time so I evolve the Eevee at 1:00AM++ in our local time thinking it will become Espeon since it was already Day Time here but it evolves into an Umbreom so I redo it again, walking another Eevee for 10KM and to be sure, I evolve it at afternoon here and it was a success then.