Community Item Challenge!


@Kevin_v_Hoften , @kRe , @Lingyujie, @Thorend time to start again :wink:


@cup , @Branebs , @Jormdeworm, @Mew1 , @Mapman42, @MrHeineken88 , and @darksylveon1 join the fun.


OK, what should I do?


How many premnium raid passes do you have?


I have 21 Premium Raid Passes.


Oh. Lets remove our posts after the ones that were relevant. @Branebs


Ive got 117


:drooling_face: Wow…


Premium raid passes: 24


I have 186 premium raid passes and 287 max revive and 223 revive and 296 max potion and 187 super potion


Show screenshot


Just wondering, why are you keeping so many potions?


37 premium raid pass. From when they were selling 12 of everything in a box.


I have 2


I hit stopped all the way to work and have not had time lately to fight gyms or do raids it’s just adding up


This is after getting rid of some I’m trying to make room for berries


Lol could you gimmie 10 please


I would give you 50 if I could bro


Whoa I havent even done 50 raids ever so no


Are we still on premium raid pass? If yes, I have none at the moment.