Combee evolution


I have received today a Combee from an egg and very strange, there is no button to evolve it…
It has the one to power up, but after that comes only the information about its moves.

Any idea whats going on?


Only female combee can evolve


Yeah, sadly, male Combee are completely useless. lol


Combee also has a 7 male to 1 female gender ratio


Oh, I see, I have to read more, haven’t known this special behavior.

Many thanks to you three… :clap::clap::clap::ok_hand:


male combee is suddenly extremly useful


Out of curiousity, from what kind of egg did you hatch that Combee?


it says on the Silph Road that NO ONE has hatched a Combee yet, out of a total of 4679 eggs (all eggs combined), so you hatched the RAREST egg hatch in pokemon go right now.


I hatched a Combee last night. It was female.


5 km, I think


Yeah, mine was from a 5K egg.