Color Themes Gyms



The area I’m working over 30-40min from home has a Gym that we are always loading up with Eevolutions and someone local plays along and fills the rest each time as well.
We’ve started a few themes down there with our 4 or have continued one if 2 the same are in already in.
Themes as follows:
All Purple Pokemon
All Black Pokemon
All Fying in the air
All Shiny

I’ll try to remember to get pics on the weekend.


Got some pic from last night.

Grey Pokémon

Couple of Eevolutons


One from last night.


My team posted this on Discord…


I like that one a lot.
I still don’t have 2 of those Pokemon yet.


I figured I’d post something cool my team did.


Nice,you have IPhone XS Max


No, I have iPhone SE which was free back in 2016. Had to get it just to play PoGo.