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is there anyone else under 10k?


114K for me.


I just realized I was over 50K.


Still plugging ahead :smiley:


Won’t be long and you’ll over take me then the hunted becomes the hunter :rofl:
I need to spend more time catching than Gold Gym and Raid chasing.
Need a really crap T5 for a month so I get back out on the push Bike now the stinking hot weather is just about past us.



Just about 10,000 more since the last time.


10K in 2 months? damn that is some hardcore grinding. (I’m just over 10K since June 2018 :flushed::flushed::flushed::flushed:)


That 10k is close to 50% of what I’ve got since July 2016. :upside_down_face:


I catch what I see. One reason why I have 44 Hundos.


I started to catch more since end of October last year. But 10k in a month? I’m not even close.


It’s actually been two months, so that might be more believable.



Thought you would have had me by now.
I’ve had a lot of almost Pokémon Go free days over the last 4-6 weeks where I only caught 1-10 Pokémon a day.



The month of May was tough, I had 10 days where I was glad to be able to get a spin and a catch and another 3 weeks of limited play too. The race to 200K is still on though :grin:


Guess I will have to have a miracle happen to even get close to you and @NotanotherKangaskhan.


I think this, on your profile. needs an update; “… 107,000 catches …”



Long way to go to 50,000 catches


Caught around 11k more Pokémon since.