Cleaning up the list


Gender sorta makes sense, some evolve differently (Nidoran) but I would rather the male/female symbol next to the name than and actual spot on the screen that says gender.

But ha, stuff like size doesn’t seem to affect anything. I thought maybe it was a factor, like… smaller is quicker, larger is slower but more damage per hit… but nope… having to have a screen where the appraiser tells you it’s colossal is just another screen to skip. :slight_smile:


That’s the point… unless they have something for “THOSE” in the future…

Regarding the Nidorans, I believe both gender have their own entries in the Pokedex, so it is too a sort of redundant, as Nidoran with a female gender evolves into Nidorina and then to Nidoqueen and the Nidoran with male gender evolves into Nidorino and then to NidoKing.

I just look now in my inventory and looks like blues are all females and purples are all male :grinning:


The only one where you really need to know Gender currently is Ralts/Kirlia.
Female will evolve into Gardivor
Males will evolve into Gallade (not currently available but any week/month now they will turn that one on as part of the Gen 4 roll out)
Breeding may come into the game later so it’s importace will change.

The size/weight has relevance currently for the Youngster and Fisherman Medals. Tiny Rattata for the Youngster and Big Magikarp for Fisherman


No, any can evolve into Gardevoir ._.


Yeh currently.
I should have written that a bit diffently in that’s once they make the rest of Gen 4 active the Males evolve to Gallade and the Females Gardivor.




Gardevoir can be both male and female and evolves by level up, Gallade can only be male and evolves with Dawn Stone


So far this method has been working out well… especially after the community day. I catch one, immediately appraise for nothing more than to see if it says ‘wonder’ and if it does, I fav it.

End of the day, I go home to my tablet, open up the list sorted by recent and just transfer off everything without a star.

Once a week I plan to sort by name, look for duplicates and that’s where Poke Genie will come in handy.


What about the mega evolution of Pidgeot? Maybe in a distant future will be good.


Against Machamp, he roughly matches Espeon in DPS while falling behind in TDO (no resist + no huge defenses)
Against Heracross, he fares a lot better, beating Rayquaza and Kartana (a brutal DPS monster from Gen 7)
And lastly, against Tangrowth… He’s the 31st best counter DPS-wise… Not including a few Megas I havent asigned movesets to so far