Charmander will be next Community Day pokemon. From my point of view, worst community day so far



Charmander, pokemon which 70% of players probaly already have, and he isn’t good in meta, and 3x stardust sucks… You may now call me spoiled kid but im type of player that looks for either rarity or usability. Remember: this is just my opinion. Yours can be different.


I think it’s not so bad, taking in account that there will be a shiny version of it.


You are totally right, @Elevatorisbest (my opinion). I wanted Larvitar since I can’t find them.


Good point, but what im trying to say is people are clearly are overhyping charmander only because of shiny.


It’s better than Pikachu


Not meta relevant? With Blast Burn, it will likely be the best Fire Type bar Moltres


But still overhyped garbage


I fully diasgree. As trainer tips said shiny charizard is the very definition of a shiny pokemon, the perfect example. I would happily have a community week dedicated to him


Just a reminder that what’s rare for you isn’t necessarily rare for everyone else and vice versa. Charizard was my last evolution in generation one and two combined. Charmander are extremely rare where I live so I’m sure that a lot of lower level players still need one for their Pokédex


I am excited for this event, not just because of shiny but I still lack a good at-all charizard. And I think it’s completely meta relevant.


Hang on… 3x stardust sucks? Do we have the same system for powering up Pokemon? Cause i seem to always have a shortage of the stuff.
Besides that: I dont think community days are about giving everyone the best pokemon possible. Its just a nice chance to hang out. I like it. Charizard has a badass shiny form, so it will be nice to see him hanging arround in gyms after the event.


And I strongly disagree. "Garbage’?
It’s probably the best, most iconic fire gen 1 pokemon at all. Especially with blast burn


It has better meta relevance than Ampharos, cmon. April’s CD was nothing but candy and trophy moveset, and there’s nothing wrong in it. I like seeing a mass hoard of players walking like a parade on my local park, and less rare pokemon makes sense…imagine getting Dratini, Larvitar, Bagon and Beldum by now…then what? Niantic wants/needs to keep the game alive as much as possible.
A Larvitar CD is inevitable. As much as I’m looking foward to it, Charmander day will be awesome.


It doesn’t matter that he sucks in the game. Everyone loves Charizard and the community will be out in full force.


I don’t care about the on day only opportunity for Charge Move.
I don’t care it’s Charizard.
I don’t care about another Shiny

I DO care it 3x Start Dust.
I just hope Ex Raids are not scheduled on the same day yet during event time. My poor Ex Raid Experience killed my enthusiasm for chasing Sheep.


You totally think the same


Another instinct shiny fam


Then don’t attend it. I don’t like Char that much (more of a bulba guy) But Another Gold mon to put atop my pretty gold gyms is a-ok with me


The point of community day isn’t to make it easier for everyone to have the best meta relevant Pokemon. It’s to bring people together, and gives them a chance to release a new shiny each month. And it was already said, Charmander could be extremely rare for a lot of people. With a good special move on the day, Charizard could become meta relevent. And it’s shiny will be incredible!

Plus, who can complain with triple stardust?


No matter what Niantic decides to do for Community Day - there will always be players who think it sucks.
Dratini? - "They are giving away meta-relevant Pokémon for free!"
Bulbasaur? - "Damn, Venusaur is not meta-relevant, who would want this?"
Mareep? - “Ampharos with Dragon Pulse?! What were you thinking?!”

But that’s absolutely OK, because everybody plays this game differently, everybody has different personal goals for it and everybody has his/her own favorite mons.

I can’t always spend hours and hours on hunting digital creatures, but I see community days as an opportunity to play three hours straight without feeling guilty. :wink::sunglasses:
Stocking up on candy of the featured Pokémon, getting some shinies (shiny Charizard is great), getting use out of the bonuses (3x stardust is nice), meeting other players…
Sure, I’d have preferred extra XP (still one million away from the next level), but I always try to see the good things in every event, because we are all (me included!) very spoiled at the moment, and I fear we can’t always get an even better event with even greater special Pokémon and even more bonuses.