Chance to catch Mewtwo ruined by full pokemon box


Wow, that must be a lot of pidgeys I admit I used to farn pidgeys like crazy before but I’ve recently lost a bit of enjoyment for the game. I play it only because I’m a fan and it’s mildly interesting so I’ve never had much use of such a big box space. even in my mass evolving days I mostly keep 5 or 10 empty box spaces for legendary raids though…


1500 is more than rnough for 403 Pokemon


Well it’s not really excessive I’d say barely enough imho. That said, player can always find a single Pokémon to transfer if they need to catch a raid Pokémon.




Now its 405 if Im not mistaken


405 pokemon what…you are confusing me…that should be 2000, not 200 btw


There are 2000 different Pokemon in GO?


Now I understand…and I was talking about the storage number that niantic should change it to.


As Ive said, 1500 is enough for 400 species


Ehhh, for you maybe…im constantly having to delete evolve fodder cause im not 40 yet and Im on that evolve grind still…not to mention I keep all sudowoodos(76) and unown (63) and legendaries…combine that with the evolve exploit mons and im constantly approaching 1500 mons


evolving is worthless with raids and friendship


I wouldn’t say worthless. It’s just not easiest way to make XP anymore.
If you can’t fit mutiple Raids under the one Lucky Egg some spam evolving after the Raid to use up the rest of the Egg time can be beneficial.
Agreed that the days of collecting than sitting at home for 30min spam evolving 60-70 Pokemon are all but gone.

I think they’ve made the XP for Raids and Friendship Leveling way to high.
I would have made it 1000 XP for each Raid Tier and 5K for each Friendship level max.


Clinging into 76 Sudowoodo and every single legendary just limits you for no reason


This is no longer on topic. If someone wants to start a new topic addressing bag storage or how many/what Pokémon to keep go ahead.