CD Tommorow Confirmation?


It’s not only amazing, it’s disappointing


Swinub. Wasn’t expecting that. For those that don’t believe me:

I hope that means Mamoswine and the rest of the evolutions are coming very soon. This is the first Community Day Pokemon since Pikachu that features a Pokemon that hatches from a 2 km egg. Weird.

At least we’re getting triple stardust bonus.


How is this disappointing? In which universe do you consider the BEST Ice type in the game disappointing?


Probably expected Ralts or Bagon since the former is a popular Shiny, and Bagon could make do with Outrage.


Salamence still wouldnt become an undisputed king of its typing, like Mamoswine
And I also prefer shiny Ralts to shiny Swinub, but then again, at least Mamoswine is good in battle


What special move will the Big Mammoth most likely get? I hope its a strong 2 Bar Move.
I’ve got 2 Stones ready for this but need a 3rd as will Max the 100% one out now too to go with the 2x 98% Pilo which are Maxed and ready to go. Ive been slack and missed doing 2 Trainer Battles in the last 4 days.


It’s the piggy roomba, although I’m not short on its candy, really curious to see what an exclusive move will be on an Un-released Pokémon for the first time ever and how it compares with its regular moves after CD. Or will Mamoswine be released right before CD?

Also, got to PvP more on that weekend for more rewards and Sinnoh Stone


Icicle Crash, Im betting a slightly better Avalanche


That may be so, but that move isn’t even in the network traffic so we have no idea.


:astonished: I was right? :joy:


I thought dec would be swinub


How do both those Moves compare against Ice Beam?


Too bad it wasnt lotad, I just hatched a 98


Ice Beam is weaker to Avalanche in GO, as Ice Beam has a base power of 65, while Avalanche has a base power of 90. Icicle Crash doesn’t even exist yet, and judging by its stats in the core game, it’s weaker than Ice Beam, so who knows how that will translate. Icicle Crash unlikely will get a power boost in GO as it’s only real advantage in the core games is a fairly good chance to cause a flinch.

Avalanche is weaker than both of them in the core games usually, but a slower Pokemon makes use of its special ability to be 2x stronger if it gets hit by an attack first. It’s also a decreased priority move to help capitalize on that so it might as well be stronger.

NOW, if Ice Fang was introduced and was given the same speed and strength as Fire Fang does, it could beef up the DPS of Mamoswine a bit. Fire Fang is slightly faster and easier to dodge with than Fire Spin for most Pokemon, so an Ice-type counterpart would be slightly better than Frost Breath, doing slightly more damage with the same speed.


Beam has BP of 90


As CD, not as Pókemon.


CD means opportunity to catch some really good Swinub and get a fantastic move on Mamoswine


It is confirmed