Bugs in the game


I see reports of iPhone users that have Adventure sync issues after the most recent update.


My Trainer freezing up from moving after looking at any thing in my Trainer Profile (Gym Badges, Medals etc) has been fixed with latest iOS update.
Graphics when visiting a Gym to look or remote feed is all screwed up now though.


Damn, the very busy version 0.143.1 just forced.


Another forced update today? We had a forced update yesterday, and we’ve got another already?

Gotta love Niantic’s fake politeness :frowning_face: asking if you’d like to download the update, while offering to let you update to continue or quit the game. There is no way to keep playing and defer the update until later (which is a b*ch when a raid you want to join is just about to end).


What version got forced yesterday?


I just got version 0.143.2 in my playstore. Just installed it.

@vorgriff3 are you using ios?


I didn’t notice the version number. The update came when an Alola Marowak raid was just about to end. Three others had waited for me to arrive, and now they were waiting for my doggone app to update. We barely made it before time expired, and this conversation reminded me about it.

Looks like it was 0.143.1. You say now there’s a version 0.143.2? Yippee…

And FWIW I’m on Android.


0.143.1 Was forced. 0.143.2 was not forced. It seems Niantic actually did some work. The first mentions talk about things actually got fixed this time.


Now that would be something worth a little buzz.


This made me spill my coffee :rofl:



Just had an egg hatching in 6km, it was a 7km egg :thinking:


at least it is a good bug XD


Wandered into a heavy-spawn area near me as usual last evening and went after a Croagunk, engaged it in the faceoff screen, pineapped it, and proceeded to capture it. The capture animation said Caught Murkrow, which I suspected meant that I hatched the Murkrow at the same time as I captured the Croagunk.

But my most-recent pokemon list did not show the Croagunk. And when I returned to the main screen, I watched a new Croagunk spawn in the very same spot. When I clicked on it and got the faceoff screen, it showed it already pineapped, and it had CP identical to the one I thought I had already caught. It seems pretty obvious what happened, but I won’t belabor the point by typing it all out. Just another bit of weirdness.


Now you mention it, I had the same happening a few days ago. Including de respawn of the “caught” one. Almost forgot that.


I’d classify this bug as more cosmetic than functional. When I unexpectedly ran into TR babe Sierra a couple of days ago, it seemed my game, itself, was startled beyond words – as symbol names were displayed during the instead of the actual strings. Since beating a TR boss will use up one TR radar and I won’t get quest credit for it until next stage, I’m not looking for them (nor am I battling with them if I happen upon one of them). So I didn’t test whether the battle functions were affected.

It’s not quite the kind of Sierra wardrobe malfunction I might have had in mind when this screen came up; but it was an unintended peek beneath the covers, so to say (though exposing coding internals, rather than skin). And I appreciated the momentary chuckle.