Brandon Tan account Suspension


Perm ban?!?!?


@JimDaRaider no.
@Kevin_v_Hoften it isn’t possible to get perma banned. He got suspended and I have proof.


What proof…


Termination of your account. But thats pretty much the same thing.


First ninatic scares you with termination, then when you try again you get suspension. Which i believe lasts 90 days. This was before the warnings, could of changed.

He is suspended, and most likely will be back late december/ early january.

He was making big bank off Mewtwo. I knew this would happen. Anyone who doesn’t believe in black market is crazy.


Yes, pretty sure what you mean. And I think he got suspended for 90 days



That is beyond sucks


Its a shame that Niantic is this kind
Of course, a permaban on first accusation wouldnt be fair, but having cheaters do absurd things to even get the innitial warning is a bit too much imo
Their 3 strike policy doesnt even end with a permaban and the strikes have such a long period bewteen them


I’m 6/7 on catching Mewtwo so far. Not that hard to do it on your own.


He mostly means providing (near) perfect IV Mewtwo


What is the point if you don’t catch it yourself. The raid I went to today was a bunch of dads with thier kids. That was cool. Usually when we raid, my son is the only kid there.


Who is that?


someone who was suspended months ago on reddit


Actually their strike policy is a legit lie. You get suspended either 1st or dont even recieve a 2nd. No perma bans. Just long waits.


Ive got one warning for the bullsh*t Ive been doing for about half a year during last fall/winter
I doubt they actually do that unless you are way too obvious about cheating


i am telling you. lol…


What have you done


He can’t tell you or he might get banned here.


I dont think you can get banned for that, unless you directly support/promote cheating tbh