Biggest Exclusive Raid Concern


Basically the title. How would one know that which gym would eventually hold an exclusive raid? You only get one free raid pass per day, I have no problem cuz I have tons of Pokecoins but what about other players? You need to defeat a raid boss within a few weeks, so, how do you know which one would eventually hold MewTwo and the like?


Based on what has been said so far, I think it will be the most popular gyms first, then the less popular afterwards. For example, I think Times Square is more likely to have a MewTwo raid than the New York suburbs.


People don’t know what recently means for the Mewtwo raids and “recently doing a raid at that gym”. From what has been said this recently will be a few weeks meaning you won’t have to run arround with premium raid passes every day raiding in every gym just in case an excusive raid appears near you. You just have to go through one every day for a week (depending on how many their are) Meaning it is fair for the players who don’t want to pay for passes


Then your proposal is every day we do a different gym raid on different gyms?


That’s what I have been trying to do, with one small flaw in my plan. I am currently in Germany, but I live in the U.K. I know that I will get invited to a raid in Germany when they come out☹️


That will suck Josh.

As a Shift worker that rotates week about the time of day could be an issue if I’m lucky enough to hit the right Gym(s) at some point :confounded:


We both have our own issues. Just give it time, and I am sure we could both get one (if you could catch it).


The other issue I have is my Wife and Daughter both play but I’ll visit Gyms they don’t on the way to and from work slipping in a low level Raid if ones at the many Gyms I pass. It will take the luster off a bit getting an invite for a Mewtwo Raid and they don’t. I know my Daughter will be cross with me.


At least you have people you love and care about raiding with you😉


Wow, that’s deep. But, I also have the same problem as you. I’m currently in U. K., :joy:, guess I’ll try every gym when I get back home.