Best friends and how many



Today I became best friends with @bobbyjack8 and @Autofan1985! My other best friends from the forum are @Pokemon, @Thorend, @5GodLink. Soon to become best friends: @Cup, @MrHeineken88, @Brobraam, @HLAJR.


I think HLAJR is only one I’m friends with on forum who I’m not best friends with yet. Still working on Lucky Friends with some of you.


@Branebs, Tomorrow we will be best friends. Coordinate a lucky egg?


I am free tomorrow from 10am to 1pm CET.


Then I’m sleeping. Currently nightshift. What time is an other option?


How about the day after?


Got until 13:10. Cet. (Just woke up. Bit late I know)


I can do it tomorrow at 14:00.


Ok fine by me. I let you know here that I’m online.




I’m here. Are you on @Branebs?


Yes, I’m here. Let me just open the game.


My egg is on. You can open my gift


@Branebs you can open it. You still have an unopened gift.


I opened it.


Thanks :+1:


We’re best friends now! :tada::confetti_ball::fireworks: