Best Damage Output to Raid Bosses, a must have article still waiting from the Hub


I’m sure the Hub is working on something like this but in the meanwhile could you share your strategies if you understand well the damage output and type effectiveness. Well I’m usually relying on the Hub’battledex but still !
The difficult ones are: Venusaur, Snorlax, Lapras, Machamp, Alakazam etc add more if you feel up to:
For me these are the difficult ones. If I happen to be alone or with few spoofers how can I do most damage to them? You know what Pokemon what type etc please consider this to be top tier 1 or 2 option only! Most damage that we want, we want best option !
By the way I just managed to envolve my filth Machamp and rubbish movesets still. Alakazam with rubbish move set too (psycho cut &shadow ball). Involved 5 golem (7 in total) and only one with Rock Throw Stone Edge. Tyranitar with Fire Blast. I mean I’m just so unfortunate at having good movesets.

Raid boss chart

Ok. 2 level 4s down for me. Venasaur and charizard. I can help.

You’re timing out right? What’s your level and how many are attacking?

I promise you more success will come for trading out guys you wanna fight with for tankiness (like blissey, snorlax, and eww-don) for straight up glass cannons.

When you time out, it’s because your not dealing enough damage. However, you timed out. You didn’t “lose”. It means he wasn’t dealing enough to you either. You might have even had another guy in stock not even out to battle.

Glass cannons. Alakazam makes it in almost always. Im fortunate enough to have a perfect fury cut scizor. He’s awesome. They both came in huge against venasaur (psychic is SE on poison). Hell, flareon has the highest damage dealing moves in the game. If you really want a guy to just knock a large chunk away before he bites it go ahead.

To those awesome glass cannons you add the best type hate you can. Throw/Edge Golem, vaporeon, alakazam, venasaur, charizard, executor…

Depending on who your facing. Look to the main site.

Even with that. It’s tough. Watch the timer and relate it to the health bar. A quarter of the time gone and you need to have a quarter of the health gone. Half/Half and so on. Early game, and when it’s not too time consuming get your dodges on specials. But at some point (for me anyways) I had to let that go and tell everyone to stop dodging and bash face.

Special Note: Bosses crack their specials quicker. This venasaur hit solar like it was a water pulse and I’m like how?! Oh. Theres 8 of us attacking him. All that damage is sky rocketing his special bar. So…account for that.


If possible attack with something that is super effective for the multiplier.b. That will probably mean the raid boss attacks are ineffective against you so you take less damage.
Dodge the charger moves, those hurt regardless of effectiveness.


Well there was 3 of us. I used 6 fire spin over heat flareons and still didn’t do much damage. When there is at least a minimum of 5 it will be easier but when there is a gym boss lvl 4 and there are 3 members . It’s very very difficult.


Server lag plays a huge factor. I had bad server lag my first raid and it made it impossible. It kept swapping Pokémon thinking it fainted then realizing I dodged, then I would take damage and not be dealing because it would switch back and forth.
Wife and I did a 17000 CP Gengar and once we got the right lineup on the 2nd try we ripped through it. I soloed an electabuzz and damage output lagged then suddenly it went down.
Guess my point is I think they still have some bugs to work out.


I built this list and had some help in refining it from the members of the Silph Road’s subreddit. Hope it helps!


Yes they certainly do. But becuz on the number of people coming back. Today I was in raid for a Tyranitar. It’s too laggy and crashed just when there’s 15s in the lobby. I was so nerve wrecking cuz if I miss there won’t be another group cuz that big group of 12 is going in for the last time. But I went straight in the battle with the same group missing around 30s and abit of health on my vapoureon. It’s also crashed while I was catching it. I logged back in and it resumed to that moment. Otherwise I will have a panic attack cuz one already ran away this morning under the rain haha.


It’s really awesome and very useful. Great work thank you so much x


3 is not good enough for level 4. At all.

The charizard was me (38), and 3 others (32, 32, 30). We BARELY made it. That clock was at the zero. The venasaur was 8 people. Still timed twice before we all got it.

Should be fine for level 3 though. Haven’t actually done one of those yet.


Oh, and the lag SUCKS. It used to just happen when you dodged lethal. Now it’s everyone you switch, or just random moments during combat making the special bar jump around in craziness.


Well I don’t have a big group playing these days so I kinda count on other people and there wasn’t any. I still had to try and gave up haha!



I feel like…you guys need to get on the millennial dork hype. Social networking, group texting, car pool arranging. I’m still slow to a lot of it, but it seems like the best way to spread search fingers, mass alert, and get a huge gathering at the right place and time.

Messages like: Raid Level 4, 2:25 hatch, [gym name]

Make a day when you guys are all free and can all treat yourself to premiums. It’s the one thing I really want to do, and haven’t yet.

Honestly, these raids are the one thing that makes me wish I was going to the Chicago thing. Yeah, you should all go packing premiums (that shouldn’t need to be said).


This should help if you’re trying to solo raids.


Thanks for sharing! @DishTR. Very handy!


Well at the end it all depends on many factors like your and your pokémon level, type & movesets of your mons and of the raid boss of course.

I found this, no idea how good it actually is but it looks good:


Basically, the raid system makes glass cannons like jolteon, espeon and alakazam highly useful pokemon because the only thing you really want is super effectiveness. HP doesn’t matter as much anymore, so just know the interactions between the different types well (@DishTR’s chart is definitely helpful) and you should be fine with 1-5 people for tier 1-3 and 6-12 for tier 4.


Is Venusaur impossible to beat? I’ve never seen CP decline more slowly. Had 3 trainers vs. 28/28/35 barely made a dent?


What was everyone using? If you don’t have high level Pokémon and a super effective attack, you’ll never take it with 3.


These are pretty good i found them online though. Would love to credit whoever made them. One if thdm is from pokebattler!


All high CP fire type, both fast and charge. Mine are all high IV maxed and theirs were all above 2K don’t get it. It seemed like a glitch of some sort