Berry Master Badge


Show your berry badge!




724,300 dust there!




It looks like I’m stingy with my berries but I usually hit the limit twice in the morning and once in the evening.




Very stingy considering the amount of Gyms your in at a time.

I see this as source of earning bonus Dust and the added benefit it helps get Gyms to Gold Badge. I’ve always got a non Gold Gym that is my Berry dump Gym. I put the Pokemon I want bonus Candy from in and Berry the hell out of it while my Pokemon is in there and I have Berries. I never let my Pinaps go below 80 but will run the Razz and Nanab down to zero. I have a couple of Gyms I was working over in a volitle area that had Berry counts over 1000 to help Gold them.


I use up my Nanab berries first. Then start alternating between Pinap and razz. I tend to save my gold razz for raid battles and haven’t used my silver ones. But I usually hit my berry limit each morning. I guess I wouldn’t hit it so soon if I used more gold or silver.:thinking: