Battle Legend Badge


Post your legendary raid numbers here



It’s only because my gps signal isn’t found :joy:.










I only do Legendary Raids. That’s how few raids I have done since last Christmas. No time.:man_shrugging:




I’d raid a dozen times a day if I had the luxury of time and resources (and proximity to raid-safe gyms, and whatever raid partners I need for the raids at tiers 4 and 5… And raids, themselves – the continual stream of raids in the area this weekend seems quite a bit higher than normal.)


How do you replenish your supply of golden razzies for capturing the legendaries, then? The capture rate for Tier-5 bosses on throws without golden raspberries must be pretty low.


I usually get plenty of gold raspberries per raid. Then I don’t normally use them all when I catch the monster. I have a surplus of gold raspberries right now.


I finally found a group of players from my town back in February and we managed to do 5 legendary raids.


Should be at around 940, Mesprit will slow it down immensly


If I could use Lucky Raid Passes on legendary raids, I wouldn’t have to rely on others and I would have all the legendaries.


I’ve only done 137 Legendary Raids in almost a year and a half


It’s hard to find enough players to do legendary raids and when you find them it’s hard to organize everyone to be together in the same place at the same time.


Thats why you use apps like Discord