Battle Legend Badge


Post your legendary raid numbers here



It’s only because my gps signal isn’t found :joy:.










I only do Legendary Raids. That’s how few raids I have done since last Christmas. No time.:man_shrugging:




I’d raid a dozen times a day if I had the luxury of time and resources (and proximity to raid-safe gyms, and whatever raid partners I need for the raids at tiers 4 and 5… And raids, themselves – the continual stream of raids in the area this weekend seems quite a bit higher than normal.)


How do you replenish your supply of golden razzies for capturing the legendaries, then? The capture rate for Tier-5 bosses on throws without golden raspberries must be pretty low.


I usually get plenty of gold raspberries per raid. Then I don’t normally use them all when I catch the monster. I have a surplus of gold raspberries right now.