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Youv’e got @bobbyjack8 beat on berrys but he has got you beat on this.


Looking at few of bobbyjack8’s other medal counts its apparent there a much heavier emphasis on Gyms battling over catching and spinning stops. For such high Gym battle and defender numbers there’s plenty of opportunity to dump Berries but if your not spinning a lot of Gyms and stops you can’t throw what you don’t have.
None of the above is a criticism, it’s just an observation on a game play style. There’s many ways to play this game.


I hit my berry limit again on my way home while I still had 4 gyms to go.:unamused:


I’m going to make an assumption you know you can go again after 30min?
I keep going back to my Berry Gym at intervals while I have Berries to off load.


Yes, but after those 30 minutes I’m already home. I usually hit it once on my way to work and then again on my way home.


Why not utilize the remote berry feature?


I did use it today while I was at work to drop some gold berries.


You guys battle a lot!