Articuno Is Back?!


I Have Seen Numerous Pics Of An Articuno In An Isolated Gym In Europe. Cannot Upload Photos, But None Are Fake.


Wow that’s the routine of legendary raids!


It’s Probably Just This Safari Zone Event, But Why? I Mean I’m Excited To Know That There Are Articuno, But It’s So Random.


Please make this real I NEED Articuno and Lugia


Someone please verify with a real screenshot please.


It’s Very Real


It Says All The Files Are Too Large, I Cannot Post Them
@StardustFarm on Twitter has all the screenshots


From My Discord Chat


Don’t the Articuno in your screenshot is a shiny pokemon?


I Don’t Know, it’s not really that clear and I cannot share any other ScreenShot’s


I haven’t got my Articuno - the only legendary Pokemon I don’t even have one in my pokebox except Mewtwo. That’s a great move to bring back the legendary birds.:grinning:


Same @Yoshi this annoys me because I don’t have an Articuno either! (or Moltres for that matter) :sweat:


I dont have articuno or lugia…


Wow so many of you haven’t got even one or more legendaries. Seems like the time frame of capturing legendary birds is too short.


They Are All Incredibly Glitchy Though


How many legendaries have you got until now?

  • All legendaries which have already released :laughing: (8)
  • Almost all of them :grinning: (6-7)
  • 50-50 :slight_smile: (4-5)
  • Only a few :expressionless:(2-3)
  • Umm better than nothing :worried: (1)
  • Speechless :scream: (0)

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I Clicked The Wrong Thing, I Don’t Have A Raikou


You may vote again as you like.


Did you get a Mewtwo from legendary raids?


No MewTwo yet, sadly☹️. It sucks