Are you bored of Giratina?


With Giratina being beatable by 3 accounts with appropriate counters like ttar (which most people have fully powered up due to mewtwo) and rayquaza, I got so many Giratina raids done in the first week that I am now bored of them, especially seeing as it isn’t really usefull with currently available movesets and stats.

Are you bored too?


I’m no so much bored with it but I’m not doing anymore than my 1 free pass a day since start of last week as it kept giving me rubbish IV ones. As it’s not going to be a useful one for Raid teams I’m not chasing it using Premium Passes if the games giving me nothing but crap IV. If the Gift Boxes were great value and gave extra Passes I’d be doing more Raids.


I wouldn’t say bored, but as Giratina isn’t very useful and I already got a 98%, I focus on Shinx and Buizel instead.


I have 9 Giratina and still have one of the the one they released before the revamp


Boring, its just not useful and I already have a few of them, the only reason to raid them is to get rare candies and not lose a pass


I still haven’t gotten one, so still hoping to get one! :crossed_fingers:


I got 3. Don’t care for a pokemon that will come out with another version of itself. Let alone i am to busy searching for Shiny Shinx which looks way better to Giratina to me.

edit - i also have a OG Giratina like @Cup

so i guess it’s kinda rare🤷🏾‍♂️


I did 5 Giratina Raids. Scored a 93%, and went to focus on Shinx and Buizel. Shinx is definitely what got me going through november until the next Gen 4 batch.


I haven’t done a Giratina raid since I got my weather boosted one like 2 weeks ago.


I use giratina against blisseys and in my dragon team. It has enough bulk to withstand blisseys attacks while doing good damage. Cheap on revives. Dragon claw fast


Just wait for heatran, it will be on similar level of usabillity but also will be duoable

Edit. Well at least in sunny weather, and when you think about it giratina is duoable in windy weather too :sweat_smile:


My last 4 have only been Daily Free Pass and were disgusting IV. Hardly an inspiration to use Premium Passes doing any extras. I got over my desire to Raid the hell out of it in the quest for a 100% 2 weeks ago.


Heatran is much, much better than Giratina, no ide a where do you get your info from


I’m just ready for new 5 stars it would like to see riqueza come back


Better but not the best, I used pokebattler to check and my groudons can pull 2 man raid at least in sunny weather


Shiny rayquaza!!!


The rare candies, yes. And the golden raspberries. And the occasional TM. Basically the reward goodies that come from beating the raid boss are often the biggest reason to bother (particularly when the boss either has a ridiculously low capture rate or isn’t worth a darn in gyms).


Just because its easier to beat doesnt mean that its any less useful, Regis were tough to beat but they are pathetic
And so is Giratina-A


I’m not bored of Giratina, I’m bored of nog getting a Giratina…


I got more than enough I’ll trade you one and Shining Rayquaza would be dope