Are Shiny Drowzee really real?


No offense, can’t be mad we are almost best friends :grin:


what is the shiny rate on hatching?


I still dont believe in shiny charmander, opened around 200 on CD and at least another 100 since, rng sucks big time


In pokemon go and go hub :joy:


What is your trainer name again?


Shiny Karp, Wailmer, Swablu, and Murkrow are being a little difficult with me. Also, I know it’s only been a month or so for shiny Natu, but come on!


“Thorend” of course :joy:


Oh… then I don’t have him as a friend


It took me nearly a year to get shiny aron and they basically everywhere


Yeah, shinies I guess they are supposed to be rare. :roll_eyes: However, this is aNNOYING!


Why hasnt this been closed @Jormdeworm
You could merge it with the shiny magikarp forum and turn it into a all shiny odds page


Funny enough, ive go plused each of those shinies lmaoo


9 i think


Found one today


research shows: 1 in 450 for all shinies, only exception are CD’s and legendary raids. (and i asume the 2 day roselia, plusle minum and the wingul events.


Magikarp is 1:80 in a raid I read somewhere.


2 for 2721 shiny magikarp sets the standard for me, but my shiny rates have been pretty consistently pathetic across the board. CDs have been the big exception, with plenty of shinies for Dratini, Larvitar, Eevee, and Chikorita…