Anything on the horizon for mareep/flaffy/ampharos?


Catching a perfect Mareep was the highlight of my game time last evening. What reasons might I have to put off evolving it? I don’t expect there to be another Mareep CD with special evolve move on the horizon. Anybody got any thoughts on the topic? Leaked plans? Prophecies?


You could wait until December, because Niantic might do all the CD’s from 2019 and maybe 2018 all together again, but the CD exclusive move for Ampharos wasn’t that good if I remember correctly, so I’d just evolve it.


I agree with @Jormdeworm


Wasn’t it Dragon Pulse the last Mareep day? I missed all but the last 10 minutes of it and hoped if there were a follow-up event, they might avail themselves of the chance to give a better move. You’re probably right, though. Thanks.


Not releated to the question, but the family has been more common for me since today.
I even saw a wild ampharos (but couldn’t catch it)


Same here. Coinciding with the onset of ‘Eggstravaganza’. Caught a decent Ampharos in the wild, too.


Yes, it was Dragon Pulse for CD. If you got perfect Mareep, there is no reason not to evolve it and power it up if you have the dust.



Ay, there’s the rub, innit? Always need more dust. Building the stash up to half a mil again, before I use any more. Trading isn’t worth the cost in stardust, IMO. And what ‘lucky’ status saves in powering-up is offset to some extent by the up-front cost of the trade to get the lucky… Always need more dust.


Mega Ampharos some days in future.


The Mareep family is boosted during the Eggstravaganza event. Not only Mareep but also Flaaffy and Ampharos are more common right now.


Wait until december, hope that what happened in December 2018 will happen again for all previous CD’s, get it Dragon Pulse, add on Zap Cannon (epic move btw) and never use dragon pulse.