Aggron as an attacker


Does anyone have Metagross? Post please I want to see it.


Metagross is pretty cool


Haha I love your name! I wish I had that problem. I’ll probably never see a Kangaskhan unless they swap spawns between countries. One can only hope!


Exactly. It’s basically a steel Rhydon.


Well I’m hoping there’s a use for it now…


TDO counter against Rayquaza


What moveset would be best against Rayquaza?


Dragon tail/Stone Edge


Time to find some TMs so… Got a full Steel type moveset


I’ve been hatching a ton of beldum and they’re the most common of the new 10kms, I got super lucky with the 100! It’s not very useful damage wise for any tier 5 raids but it’s not bad at running through gyms.


I have 2 100 Beldums


I have 2 Aggron and I use them as attacker frequently. Maybe they don’t have the attack of Dragonite and Tyranitar, so you might have to do an extra charged attack compared to them. But it got bulk so maybe they can do the same amount of damage, but under a longer time period.
Just have to stay away from Ground and Fighting types.


While doing many Rayquaza Raids over the last few weeks I’ve tried Raids with some Maxed out Golems and other Raids with my good Aggrons.
The end result with ball count for damage ends up the same but I use less Pokémon using the Aggrons.


what is that app where it tells you the percentages






Aggron has not the best attack in the game. The are many better options. But it was ny favorite against rayquaza with outrage. As you see below i was very very very lucky with my aggrons :rofl:.